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Amy and Jeff Papst, Pennsylvania

Thanks very much to the team at Foxfire!

We had been looking for a remote property for several years, and happened to come across the Foxfire web site. The caring, the professionalism and attention that we received was spectacular. We instantly felt welcome and comfortable. We had looked at several properties in other states, and felt that Richard went beyond what we had ever experienced from a selling agent.  He took personal time, and spent an entire Saturday showing us the land that we were interested in, walking just about every inch of it! His enthusiasm for his work, and knowledge of the West Virginia forest was impressive, to say the least.

Purchasing from out of state was daunting. Teresa was incredibly helpful and patient with us, and led us through the closing process with constant communication and professionalism, and made the whole transaction effortless, and enjoyable.

I honestly feel that if the property had been listed with another company, we would not have had the good fortune of encountering the place. We ended up purchasing the property that we had been dreaming of!

Kindest regards,
Amy and Jeff Papst

Douglas and Susan Nutter – Tuscon, Arizona

Over the last 40 years, I have owned homes and property in several states, buying and selling. In all of my experiences, only one Realtor stands above all others, Richard Grist. Richard’s qualities begin with integrity, and honest communication. Richard walked the land. He studied the house. He made a clear assessment of our property, and what actions we needed to take to sell. His recommendations were born out as accurate, and insightful. We worked with Richard and associates he brought forward to help us. Richard knows the land, the trees, and the lay of the land, the pasture and forest. Richard knows homes and quality. But above all, Richard understands people. The associates he brought to help us prepare our property for sale, were, a joy of knowledge, skill and work ethic. Richard has that deep sense of knowing what is right, and what can be achieved, realistically. Working with Richard, and following his guidance, found the right buyer for us. Knowledge many have. Experience many have. Marketing skills many have. The rare quality that sets Richard apart is the honesty of communicating to you the path for your success in your real estate process.

Doug and Suzi Nutter

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