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Timber Harvesting

Not so long ago logging railroads, horse teams and crews with crosscut saws were common.

Many West Virginians can warmly recall hearing the train’s whistle as powerful locomotives rambled out of the mountains.

Well trained individuals and team work get your logs to market safely and efficiently

The timber cutter is just one of many important team members supplying world markets with quality logs

Each fully insured and licensed company is extensively trained by the State regarding compliance with West Virginia’s timbering and clean water regulations.
Skidders have lots of horsepower to skid trees up to a mile to the landing.
Rubber tired skidders are used to transport the trees to the landing area from the woods.

Once the trees are measured up, the hydra saw is used to cut them into logs. Watch the sawdust fly!

The trees are merchandized on the landing for the highest paying market. This dandy log will be exported overseas.


Modern trucks, safely loaded, get the product to the highest paying market.


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