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Water Enhancement

Developing new watering sites or improving existing ones can be very rewarding. Even the smallest depression can hold enough water to make an effective watering place. Not just the large animals come to drink but the tiny ones too like box turtles, butterflies, frogs, toads, lightning bugs and dragonflies.

Most often, we think of animals drinking from well established sources like Spring Creek, which flow year round. However, animals take their daily drinks where they can find them which include small farm ponds, little mountain streams or hillside springs.

This little wildlife pond was made just by pushing out a little depression with a farm tractor below a natural spring.

A small farm pond provides a year round drinking source for wildlife to come and visit. These ponds also are important to the fish, frogs, salamanders, tadpoles, water beetles and dragonflies that live there. Raccoons and opossums also frequent farm ponds.

Wildlife biologist created this Thalway on Muddy Creek using large natural boulders and stone to correct an erosion problem along the bank of Muddy Creek and also create a deep pool for stocked trout to lay in when the water level drops in the summer.

An added benefit of the Thalway is the soothing sound of falling water as the stream flows over the rocks.

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