Richard Grist – Founder

Richard is the founder and CEO of Foxfire Realty as well as Grist, Inc. He graduated in 1979 from West Virginia University with a BS degree in Forest Resource Management. Richard holds Brokers licenses in West Virginia and Virginia and is a registered forester and licensed auctioneer. Today, Richard continues a 40+ year career working full time as a real estate broker and professional forester. Richard, and his wife Mary, have been married for over 45 years and have two children and 2 grandchildren.

A native of West Virginia, Richard grew up immersed in the land management and forest products industry. Starting in 1949, Richard’s father worked 50 years as a professional forester and land manager in WV.  Richard’s two brothers and brother-in-law are professional foresters as well. Richard has been the project forester for the Boy Scouts of America’s 12,000-acre High Adventure facility in WV since 2009.