Roger Pence

Roger has only recently joined the Foxfire Team having returned to the Greenbrier Valley after embarking upon a career in Conservation and Recreation in West Virginia, Virginia, and Oregon.  He and wife Tamera have deep roots in the Greenbrier Valley and they reside in beautiful Monroe County.

While away from the area Roger managed State Parks throughout Virginia and in eastern Oregon. He also served as Stewardship Coordinator for a regional Conservation Land Trust in Charlotte, NCThrough the years Roger left his mark by overseeing the creation of new State Parks, the development of river access areas and stewarding over 120 properties. He presently serves on the board of the Greenbrier Land Conservation Trust.

In addition to his career in Natural Resources, Roger served residents of both Carolinas as a licensed Real Estate Agent, Building Contractor, and Land Development Project Manager.

He and wife Tamera are small business owners in downtown Lewisburg – Bella the Corner Gourmet is one of Lewisburg’s newest retail stores.

Roger is excited about this opportunity to “work on the land again”.  Richard Grist, broker for Foxfire, says that “His love for the outdoors and the depth of his knowledge of our area’s Natural History is special and inspiring. Roger’s diverse background will unquestionably be extremely beneficial to the agency and to those we serve.  Combine that knowledge and experience to his great attitude and love for the land and you have a winning combination for sellers, buyers and the community alike.  Roger is a welcome addition to the Foxfire Team.”