Bob & Feona Gore, Las Vegas, NV

Bob and Feona (3)Dear Richard and Paul,I make my living as a real estate investor and have owned land not only in West Virginia but in Utah, Nevada, California and Florida. …

Probably the most enjoyable purchase I’ve ever made is the nominal 11 acres that you sold me near Asbury last year. You made it so because of your integrity; integrity being that mixture of knowledge and honesty.

I didn’t know the Greenbrier County real estate market when I made my purchase, but I knew enough about real estate to know a darned fine broker when I met one. Your near-immediate earning of my trust enabled me to bypass all the time I normally spend in a new market to learn it myself and move directly into the purchase phase. You saved me several weeks of time & and time is definitely money to me.

Since my purchase and because my business is now centered in Las Vegas, Paul has taken the time to keep me informed about the status of my property. That’s done two things: saved me time and money and engendered the desire on my part to keep my relationship with you over the long-term.

So, to you both I say thank you. You are among the very finest brokers in the country, and that includes markets in which the participants consider themselves very sophisticated.

Your hard work and dedication to your clients will create all the luck you need to make your new brokerage a success. I can only thank you both for the outstanding service given to me and hope that we’ll do business again.