George Poszich, Lewisburg, WV

I am writing to thank you for helping me locate a suitable property to build my new home on. When selecting a realtor it is imperative that you select someone who listens to what it is you are trying to accomplish and works to achieve that goal. When we first met our discussion was all about that is was I was looking to accomplish. I recall sharing with you my hope to locate a property that wasn’t too far from town and one that afforded privacy without being so far removed from civilization that I would be reluctant to travel for extended periods of time in fear of being burglarized. You listened to every word and spent your energy to find just that. I’m very impressed that you stayed on task with your search and amazingly in just two weeks found precisely what I was looking for. I’m sure this would not have been possible has you not listened to me the way you did.

With little wasted motion we visited several properties. With each visit you provided me with a wealth of information that made it easy for me to evaluate my interest in each property. We never looked at anything that fell outside of the parameters of our target property and this is why I believe we were able to accomplish our goal as quickly as we did. When it came to presenting my offer you listened to how it was I wanted it to be tended, and made it clear to the seller that this would be my final and only offer. I always believed that a cash offer with little time for the seller to react would be in my favor. You executed my instructions perfectly with our offer and that is why I believe we were successful. I would not hesitate to use your service again and would highly recommend your company to anyone looking for a competent and professional realtor.

Even though your commission on my twenty three acre deal yielded little to you, I always had the feeling that I was as important to you as a million dollar client.


George Poszich