Glenn Freeman & Susan Mitchell, New Jersey

Glenn Freeman & Susan MitchellLiving eight hours away in NJ added challenges to buying retirement property in WV. Such an endeavor could make for a very stressful situation, however the purchase of our property at Asbury Trace in Lewisburg has been an extremely positive experience. Richard Grist and Paul Grist of Foxfire Mountain Properties are largely responsible. They possess an honesty and integrity that is comforting and reassuring during a real estate transaction that involves not only a substantial sum of money but also a new life in a totally new town and state.The amazing thing to us was the amount of help and information Richard gave us after the transaction was over. Many times we have consulted him for advice on road builders, well drillers, and house builders and found his enthusiastic willingness to help and his referrals much to our satisfaction. We could go on and on about Richard and Paul’s competence and unassuming nature but will only add that upon meeting these folks, you will not have any doubts about putting your real estate needs into their hands. These are people who stand behind their words.

We will be moving to Lewisburg in the near future and will be proud to count Richard and Paul among our new friends there.

Glenn & Susan