CAMPBELLSWe were looking for property located in southern West Virginia in the counties of Mercer, Monroe, or Summers with the objective to build a retirement home along with providing ample acreage for our seven grandchildren to enjoy. The experience we had with realty companies was less than satisfactory in many cases. Our contact with Foxfire Realty and Richard began when he showed us properties in which we were interested. Over a period of months he was always patient, knowledgeable, and professional every time we contacted him.

Richard was invaluable in helping us to locate, visit, and decide on a piece of property that exactly met our needs. A contract was quickly completed and an expedited closing on a relatively simple purchase seemed to be quite imminent. However, an issue developed that was of no fault of anyone (the sellers or Richard) but rather of an unforeseen, legal technicality. Now instead of a quick, simple purchase the process became more complicated and time-consuming. Fortunately Richard provided the professional expertise necessary, and most importantly a personal interest, which facilitated communication and understanding between us and the sellers who were most gracious during this unexpected turn of events. After proper correction of the technicality the closing was finalized with mutual satisfaction among all parties.

In an age in which cynicism seems to be the norm and moral integrity seems to have vanished, we were most fortunate. Richard was always a gentleman and an individual with impeccable character. While his business expertise was always appreciated, his kindness and integrity were truly valued.

Hugh and Cindy Campbell