Joe DeSilva, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Joe-DeSilva-30g46vgg8wui8e2xu627eyDear Richard Grist and Paul Grist,Nearly a year ago I was “charged” with the responsibility by one of my most valuable real estate clients to get his property in West Virginia SOLD. Knowing how I am from a standpoint of professionalism and all the attentions to detail to be recognized as a professional, I began my search for that special real estate person, if he or she existed in West Virginia. I just want to say to the both of you, I accomplished my mission when I recommended to our now mutual client, that Foxfire Mountain Properties was the company of choice.

Your patience in dealing with the listing and on going negotiation, your supplying of all pertinent information specific the the listing and zoning issues was perfect and yes, the special touch of the never ending pictures of the site were welcome mainly because they displayed attention to who we were and the realization that we weren’t forgotten nor our listing taken for granted.

From one real estate professional to another, job well done and a heart felt “Thank You”. Sincerely, Joe DeSilva