Michael and Monique Adkins, Lewisburg, WV

Since moving to the Greenbrier Valley 21 years ago, we have been looking for just the right piece of rural property to enjoy as a family.  The journey to find a place close enough to our home in Lewisburg with the right mix of field and forest, where we could teach the kids about the joy of growing your own food and help them learn to appreciate God’s creation (all within our budget) – has been a long one.  As I would scan the brochures and internet offerings routinely I began to notice a pattern- nobody could describe a piece of land as accurately or as detailed as the folks at Foxfire Realty. They clearly positioned themselves as the experts on selling farms and land in the Greenbrier River valley, and I came to trust the integrity of their write-ups as I continued to casually look for our dream farm.

At the end of 2016 it all came together when we bid over the phone on our farm that Foxfire was selling as part of an estate auction. Being high bidder was just the beginning of a lengthy probate process, but the team at Foxfire was there to professionally guide us through the whole thing, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result.

We love- I mean LOVE- our farm, and are grateful to Richard Grist, Randy Burdette, and all the folks at Foxfire Realty for helping make it happen!

Michael and Monique Adkins and family