EGGERLINGPaul Grist did a remarkable job of marketing and handling the sale of my 95 acres and cabin. Paul was quick to grasp how much of my heart and soul, along with the countless days of toil and sweat, that were put into developing the Three Falls property. Paul captured perfectly the beauty of the forest along with my passion for Three Falls in his website marketing and print advertising.

Over forty years ago I moved to WV as a young man and purchased the Three Falls property and began building a rustic cabin, developing the spring and clearing by hand the areas for gardens and fields. I set up a sawmill and sawed the lumber for the cabin, blacksmith shop and outhouse from the trees on the property. The cabin windows were reclaimed from the old Meadow River Lumber Company, the world’s largest hardwood sawmill at the turn of the century. The cabin flooring came from an old one room schoolhouse.

I will miss Three Falls but I am thankful Paul was able to locate the perfect buyer who will love and enjoy the property as much as I have. I would certainly recommend Paul Grist and Team Foxfire to anyone who needs an excellent and dedicated Realtor.

Robert Eggerling, PA