Roger & Henrietta Stoneburner, Clintonville, WV

Stoneburner TestimonialWhat can we say about Richard Grist and Paul Grist of Foxfire Mountain Properties?

My husband and I owned a family farm for 25 years. The property had been owned by my grandmother for years, and she died at the ripe old age of 96. We always said that we were there for the “duration”, but things change.

It was a very difficult decision to sell. Once deciding that this was what we needed to do, the next step was who would help us with this process.

At this point we only had one name on our list and this was Richard and Paul Grist. After meeting with them, it was easy to sign and let them do the rest. Richard was very in tune to our feelings, knowing how difficult it is the sell a family home.

We both would very much recommend Foxfire to buyers or sellers of property.

Very Sincerely,
Roger and Henrietta Stoneburner