The Kuhn Family, Cincinatti, OH

Kuhn Family - resizeRichard and Paul:

Our family has wanted to move to West Virginia for some time, and you played a very significant role in making our dream a reality. I can not think of better representatives for West Virginia. You are terrific ambassadors who, individually, reconfirmed why we want to and are moving to your state.

As any military family, we have had to move frequently. We all agree, however, that you, of all our real estate brokers, both stand out as the most pleasant, helpful, caring, responsible, knowledgeable and certainly competent realtors that we have experienced in over 40 years! You personify the concept of, “satisfy the customer.”

You made the purchase of our properties a lot of fun and very easy. Your diligence and attention to detail helped us satisfy all of the IRS provisions for completing a complex 1031 exchange.

With attentive communications; comprehensive reviews of available properties; efficient scheduling; and a willingness to dedicate a week to showing us properties that fit our interest and criteria, you saved us considerable time. Your experience with forestry and lumbering helped us assess property strengths and weaknesses and allowed us to create optional sets of property that met our interest and exchange criteria.

You are the reason that we were able to execute a complex closing with multiple parties, properties and transactions, in a small window of opportunity. With your help, we were able to essentially eliminate any capital gains from the transactions and, most importantly, achieve our dream: to buy property and live in West Virginia!

Lastly, I have never met a broker who, like you, has continued, after the sale, to maintain contact, check on our property and provide valuable information and contacts that have helped us ready our property for occupation.

Please accept our most sincere and heartfelt appreciation for your professional help and most of all, your friendship.

Thank you!

Dan Kuhn and Family