Tom & Marie Murtaugh, Lewisburg, WV

MurtaughTwenty-five years ago we decided to retire. We knew we wanted to live in mountains and we had a list of other requirements. So for a year or so we visited many communities staying for a day or a long weekend. We visited the Greenbrier Valley and loved it’s beauty and friendly people. We came back and spent more time and loved it even more, so we started lookingbfor a home. We found two run down farms next to each other in Monroe County and began our adventure. We built a new house, fixed fence, bought cattle, planted gardens, and enjoyed it all. When a third farm next to ours came up for sale we bought it. Suddenly we had 300 acres, 2 houses, and large gardens.

The Greenbrier Valley did not disappoint. But, after 25 years we found that the farm was more then we could handle so we decided to move to town and sell the farm. We knew Richard and Paul by reputation and called them to come visit. They spent hours getting to know us and the farm. What other realtor would lie on his back in the middle of a pasture to get just the right picture of a cow at sunset! 300 acres is a lot of land and I know Richard walked every inch. They found just the right family to buy the farm. We have bought and sold several homes in our lives, but this didn’t feel like a sale. There was no pressure, no tension, just a real effort to find the right fit for us and for the family who bought our dream. There was a lot of work going on behind the scenes no doubt. Thousands of pictures whittled down to 50, phone calls, e-mails, advertising. But all we felt was the pleasure of getting our treasure being passed to a family that will treasure it. We cannot thank Richard and Paul enough for everything they did. They are professional, knowledgable, but more then that we really feel that to them it is more important to get the RIGHT sale rather then just a sale.