Seclusion, adventure at the rim of the New River Gorge

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In one of the world’s most exceptional private communities, Lot 26 at Bridgeview Estates overlooks the national parklands of the New River Gorge, an annual destination for hikers, bikers, climbers, and paddlers from across the globe. Protected by covenants that preserve its woodland character, the gated community has been carefully integrated with the park and includes scenic overlooks, waterfalls, and hiking and biking trails as well as access to the community’s fitness center and natural areas.

This 1.04-acre (+/-) parcel which fronts River Gorge Drive at the rim of the gorge is served by underground utilities and is among only a handful of lots that remain with a view of the landmark New River Gorge Bridge. It is also a stone’s throw from the community’s private overlook of the bridge and the network of trails that wander into the gorge.

The lot is wooded in oak, maple, and poplar, and hickory, and flora indigenous to the uplands that flank the gorge. Though secluded, Bridgeview properties afford owners access to one of the most exciting outdoor-recreation destinations in the eastern U.S., and many residents regularly indulge in eating in the region’s fine restaurants and shopping in its singular shops.


  • Fully wooded, well-drained property
  • Level-to-gently-sloping 1.04-acre (+/-) parcel
  • Protective covenants sustain neighborhood integrity
  • Homeowner’s association protections
  • Ten miles from Plateau Medical Center
  • One air-mile from the New River Gorge Bridge
  • Less than three miles from shopping centers
  • Less than three miles from U.S. 19 expressway
  • An hour’s drive from state capital at Charleston
  • Jet air service an hour’s drive away
  • Amtrak passenger service less than half-hour’s drive
  • Water, electric, phone, and high-speed internet available
  • Excellent cell-phone coverage
  • Easy access to I-77, I-79, and I-64


Google Coordinates: 38.079036, -81.093268
Address: River Gorge Drive, Fayetteville, WV 25840
This is currently an undeveloped lot. Specific 911 street addresses are usually assigned after a home is constructed.
Elevation: approximately 1,680 feet above sea level


The New River Gorge lies at the core of one of the world’s most important temperate forests and contains more diverse flora and fauna than any other gorge ecosystem in central or southern Appalachia. Neotropical birds migrate through the area in profusion in spring and summer, and the gorge is one of the premier spring birding sites in the eastern U.S. Deer, raccoon, squirrel, chipmunk, and opossum are common denizens of the forest along the rim of the gorge. Bear and bobcat are occasionally reported.


Water: public water system
Sewer: public sewer system
Electricity: on property
Natural Gas: line on property
Internet: high-speed service available
Cell: Coverage very good in Oak Hill and Fayetteville areas


According to the survey description, the property includes 183 feet of frontage on River Gorge Drive, a dedicated subdivision street that connects to WV-16 by way of Red Oak Road.


Fayette County and Fayetteville are subject to zoning and subdivision regulations. All prospective buyers should consult the town, county commission, and health department for details regarding zoning and building codes.


The property is undeveloped forestland in the subdivision.


Deed Information: Deed Book 626, Page 362
Fayette County, West Virginia

Real Estate Tax ID/Acreage/Taxes:
Fayetteville Corporation Tax District

TM 36P Parcel 9; Class 4
2020 Real Estate Taxes: $1,037.20


Students may attend Fayetteville Grade School, Fayetteville Middle School, and Fayetteville High School. Several private schools operate in the area, and home-schooling programs are supported. West Virginia University and New River Community & Technical College maintain campuses at Beckley, 20 miles to the south.


Town of Fayetteville
Fayetteville’s historic district is both charming and one of the most attractive locations for outfitters shops, boutique shops, and specialty restaurants in West Virginia. More than a dozen antiques shops were operating in the Fayetteville area in summer 2017, and five independent restaurants in the district were offering an outstanding selection of unique cuisine. Fayetteville is central to the travel-destination area as well as the legal center of the Fayette County. Its population in 2014 was estimated at 2,892. Bridgeview Estates is with Fayetteville’s corporate boundary.

New River Gorge National Park One of the most exciting destinations for hiking, biking, climbing, and paddling in the eastern U.S., the New River Gorge National Park & Preserve was first established by the National Park Service in 1978 and now includes more than 72,000 acres in and adjacent to the New River Gorge and the valley of the New River. More than two million visitors annually climb rocks along the rim of the gorge near Fayetteville and paddle its whitewater runs on the New and its tributaries. Countless miles of hiking and biking trails wander the park and climb into the surrounding mountains. The nearby Gauley River National Recreation Area likewise attracts thousands of tourists annually, notably rafters during “Gauley Season” in autumn when the river runs strong.

The Summit: Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve The Summit Bechtel Reserve is the home of the National Scout Jamboree and the national leadership center for the Boy Scouts of America as well as one of the organization’s five high-adventure bases. More than 50,000 visitors attended the inaugural jamboree in 2013, and more are expected to attend the 10-day event in 2017. The Jamboree had been held at Fort A.P. Hill near Washington, D.C.; however, the organization chose to relocate the site to the New River Gorge region to accommodate the need for access to outdoor-adventure activities.

City of Oak Hill
Oak Hill is Fayette County’s largest municipality and its economic center. Its population in 2010 was estimated at 7,730. Plateau Medical Center, the largest hospital in the county, is located off the US-19 expressway on Main Street in its downtown. The city has recently increased its investment in recreational and quality-of-life improvements and has acquired land for a new outdoor-adventure park approaching the edge of the New River Gorge.

Fayette County
Fayette County is located in southern West Virginia, central to the state’s burgeoning New River Gorge tourism region. The county is renowned for its dramatic landscapes, small communities, and outdoor-recreation amenities. The national parklands of the New and Gauley rivers course across the center of the county, which is defined by its gorges and broad, wooded tablelands. Bridgeview Estates is located near the midpoint in this region in an area renowned for its expressway access and great natural beauty.

State Parks: Babcock and Hawks Nest
Two of the most photographed landmarks in West Virginia are located within a half hour’s drive of Bridgeview Estates. Babcock State Park and its world-renowned Glade Creek Gristmill attract photographers year-round, and Hawks Nest and its overlook of the New River Gorge have been attracting sight-seers since long before Europeans arrived in the region. The state also maintains thousands of acres of public recreation land nearby in the Beury Mountain, Cotton Hill, and Plum Orchard Lake wildlife management areas.



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