weeping meadows, spring–fed pond, privacy, panoramic views

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Richard Grist , 304.645.7674


High Meadows is a 113 +/- multi-use property located in the historic area of Salt Sulphur Springs. The property can be used for recreational, agriculture and silviculural purposes. High Meadows lays very well with about 35 acres in high meadows following the ridge line along with a hidden meadow tucked away in the forest. The balance of the property is in mature woodland with trails and seasonal streams throughout. A spring-fed pond provides a good water source in one of the lower meadows for wildlife like white-tail deer, rabbits, squirrels, red-tailed foxes, chipmunks, turkeys and more.

The stream beds have a unique base layer of terraced shale giving the appearance of a grand stairway running along the forest floor. The plant life is bountiful and many different species of trees, flowers, ferns, mosses and lichens.

Also on the property is a cave with an underground stream running through.

An old barn and home in the middle of the property harken back to more lively times. A Chinese Chestnut planted many years ago by the homesteaders stands watch over the old homeplace. Power comes up to the old home giving ready access to electricity should you decide to build a new home taking advantage of the privacy and panoramic views. Dropping a rock down the old