Wonderful recreational property in the Yew Mountains

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Bold running Panther Camp creek flows for over 1000’ feet through the heart of the 37 acre property. There are two well-built cabins located in the foothills of the Yew Mountains in northern Greenbrier County. This beautiful, densely forested mountain property is a perfect retreat with abundant water, wildlife and long views of the distant mountains. The two rustic cabins are very well designed and built.

The two cabins are passive solar designed to be energy efficient. The area around the cabins have been partially cleared over the years to create a special area. Mountain wildflowers can be enjoyed every spring and summer including everything from mountain irises to daffodils.

An old woodland trail from the horse and oxen days meanders along the stream and through the forest. In the early spring, morel mushrooms, or “merkels” as they are known locally, can be found growing on the property.

As you walk along the trail you will find many ancient “heritage” trees and several mountain springs. A fantastic rock outcropping can be found along  Panther Camp creek; an amazing frozen water cascade of ice forms there during the winter creating a wonderland of icicles .

Wildlife are abundant in the area and include white-tailed deer, turkey, squirrel, rabbits and many species of song birds. Tree species include white oak, red oak, sugar maple, black walnut, hickory, tulip poplar, black cherry and mountain ash.  There is an abundance of sugar maple trees perfect for tapping and collecting the sap to boil down into gallons of maple syrup.


Acreage: 36.91 +/-
Solar Main Cabin 580 sq feet, with outside decking
Studio Cabin 20’x20’ main with 20’x8’ loft
Outdoor Shower/Privy 8’x10’
Firewood Shed
Composting bin

1100’ Panther Creek with rapids
4 Seasonal Streams
Old Growth Forest

The timber, oil, gas, coal, quarry (sand & stone) rights will convey with the surface. These rights have not been leased by the present owner.


941 Panther Camp Road
Renick, WV 24966

Property is accessed by state maintained paved Leonard-Cordova Road {CR 5} and then for 7/10th mile on the private, owner maintained, Panther Camp Road (graveled). 4×4 or all-wheel drive is recommended for the winter months. There is a permanent ford in the creek just before entering the property.

LAT 38.0929389N
LON 080.4033295W

Elevation: 2,400’-2700’


Water: Well. Well has the exceptional Heller Aller Co hand-pump.
Sewer: Composting
Phone: Frontier
Internet: Frontier
Electricity: Solar in one cabin. Allegheny Power is available nearby.

-All Structures Designed Passive Solar
-Main Cabin has Solar Panels and batteries.


Main Home
Finished Square Footage: 580 +/-
Bedrooms: 1
Bathroom: Outdoor privy/shower.

The mosaic tiled area in the entry of the cabin is designed for showering in the winter months.There is a drain in the floor and a portable pressurized camp shower that is heated on the propane cook stove.

Total Rooms: 3
Includes: Solar panels with batteries, propane refrigerator, sink, woodstove, propane cook stove, large deck, picnic table.

Foundation: Wood on Cinderblock
Heating: Passive Solar, Wood Stove
Cooling: Passive Energy
Roof: Metal
Flooring: Plywood
Wired for Phone

Items to Convey: Refrigerator, Propane Camp Stove, Wood Stove, Picnic table
Items Negotiable: Furniture

Artist Studio/Cabin
Finished Square Footage: 560 +/-
One Room with Loft
Includes Outdoor Deck
Heating: Passive Solar
Cooling: Passive Energy
Roof: Metal
Flooring: Plywood
Interior paneling: 1”x6” locally milled tongue-n-groove, beveled paneling
Note: Large bank of windows with skylight facing South producing fantastic natural light

Finished Square Footage: 8’x10’ = 80 sq ft
One Room
Composting Toilet (layering sawdust and wood ash)

Heating for water: propane camp stove. Rain water collection system in place.
Cooling: Passive Energy
Roof: Metal
Flooring: Plywood
Foundation: Wood on Cinderblock
South facing window


Without question, there is an abundance of water on the property. Panther Camp stream is a year round, blue line stream flowing through the heart of the property for over 1000 feet. This awesome stream has large boulders and hard sandstone rock shelves that create rapids, rills and waterfalls along its length. Large trees, moss, ferns and wildflowers growing along the stream create a serene and tranquil setting.

There is a spring located in the rock outcrop higher up on the hill that could be developed as a domestic water source to complement the existing water well at the cabin or for use in the artist studio/cabin and privy.

Four other ephemeral streams are located in the hollows interspersed throughout the property creating a dynamic environment. The hidden hollow contains an amazing waterfall that comes alive during rain events and trickles steadily during the winter and spring.


The Panther Creek forest is a mixture of majestic old growth timber stands adjacent to former farm fields. Many mountain homesteads were abandoned after World War II when the mountaineers left the state to find employment in the northern cities. This was also the time when the horse/oxen drawn farm machinery was replaced with the “modern” farm tractor. The steeper fields and pastures where no longer tended as the tractors could not navigate the hillsides like the horses and oxen could. Greenbrier County in the 1950’s than there is today. The old fields on Panther Creek have been transformed into a lush forest dominated by Black Cherry, Yellow Poplar, Black Walnut and Black Locust.

The timber stands that were not formerly in agriculture contain some outstanding old growth trees. Huge white oak, red oak, hickory, sugar maple, chestnut oak and yellow poplar trees dominate this lush and very special forest. One yellow poplar standing in the hollow towers over 120’ and an old white oak has a circumference of over 7 feet. Some of these trees would be considered “Legacy Trees”, those trees that were here before the mountaineers settled the mountains in the late 1800’s and have withstood the test of time.

Each year, the forest produces tons of Oxygen while taking in tons of Carbon Dioxide, helping to lessen mankind’s Carbon Footprint. This is an important long-term value so often overlooked when thinking about the forest.

The mineral rights will convey with the property. An attorney did a mineral title search in 2014, searching the records back to around 1900 and there was no evidence that the title to the mineral rights have ever been severed from the property. Prospective buyers may want to have their attorney do a separate title search to confirm the title to the mineral rights. There are currently no leases of any kind on the property.

The cabin overlooks a pretty little meadow, about 2 acres in size. This meadow has deep rich soil and since there have been no fertilizer or pesticides applied in the last 15 years, it can be certified for use in growing organic crops such as vegetable, berries, fruits and even livestock and poultry.

The Panther Creek forest produces tons and tons of acorns, hickory nuts, walnuts, wild grapes, blackberries, beechnuts, poplar and maple seeds. Because there is such an amazing food source, there is an abundance of wildlife, including wild turkey, white tail deer, raccoons, opossums, squirrels and chipmunks. The dense forest, with its closed canopy, is home to a variety of song birds, owls, ravens, buzzards, woodpeckers and hawks. Many of these birds nest in the “den trees”, which are full of holes and cavities. The birds feed on a variety of insects, including hundreds of thousands small caterpillars that inhabit the upper reaches of the canopy.


Historic Lewisburg is located just 40 minutes to the South with all the charm of a small town and all the amenities of a larger city. Designated the “Coolest Small Town in America” in 2011, fine dining, arts and entertainment flourish in the Lewisburg area while “big box” stores like Walmart and Lowes are also available along with the Greenbrier Valley Medical Center and other medical services.

Lewisburg is also home to Carnegie Hall, Greenbrier Valley Theatre, the WV School of Osteopathic Medicine, a community college, and is the county seat for Greenbrier County.

The Greenbrier Valley Airport with daily flights to Chicago and DC is located just outside of Lewisburg and just 30 minutes from the property.

The world famous Greenbrier Resort and Snowshoe Ski Resort is within a 50-minute drive as well.

Within an hour to two hour drive are located some of the finest recreational facilities in West Virginia. Snowshoe Ski Resort, whitewater rafting / fishing on the Greenbrier, New River and Gauley River, 2000 acre Bluestone Lake, 919,000 acre Monongahela National Forest and the 80,000 acre New River National Gorge National Park. Five other area state parks and state forests offer unlimited hiking, horseback riding, ATV riding and rock climbing opportunities.


Greenbrier County
Falling Springs District
Map 33
Parcel 11
Deed Book 568
Page 192

Taxes 2020: $195.00


Greenbrier County has no formal zoning in this area of the county. A countywide major and minor subdivision code is in place that all prospective buyers who wish to subdivide the property should consult with the Greenbrier Planning Commission.

Shown by appointment only.

Please call the office for a guided tour of this country retreat.



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