Agent Contact:
Bill Zimmerman, 304.667.7026


Google Coordinates: 37.815070°(N), -81.405093°(W)
Address: Pine Branch Road RT 3/9; No 911 address assigned to property without structures.
Elevation Range: 1814 ft. to 2167 ft. +/-


Piney Ridge Forest resource is composed of high quality Appalachian hardwood.  This well-maintained timber resource can provide a great deal of flexibility to the next ownership in terms of potential harvest revenue and can be managed to provide cash flow opportunity to offset holding costs and long-term asset appreciation.  Capital timber value of the timber and pulpwood has not yet been determined.  The forest has predominantly well-drained upland terrain which has led to a resource dominated by hardwood species.  Overall, the species composition is highly desirable and favors Appalachian hardwood types, consisting primarily of black walnut, sugar maple, poplar, basswood, red oak groups, white oak, chestnut oak, soft maple, hickory, and a host of associated species.  Most stands are fully stocked, providing the next ownership with a great deal of flexibility in shaping their own silvicultural legacy.  Stem quality forest-wide can be considered excellent with the forest containing an abundance of current marketable timber.


Piney Ridge Forest’s mixture of mature forest, emerging forest, and farm fields, coupled with the abundance of water supply from the branches and springs, create the perfect wildlife habitat.  The edge effect created between the edges create long wildlife food plots.  The hardwood forest produces tons of acorns, hickory nuts, beechnut, and soft mask.  There are whitetail deer, black bear, red and gray fox, bobcats, wild turkey, squirrels, and raccoons.  The gas line that runs through the property creates a game plot for the deer to graze in and with the abundance of deer make a great hunting property.


There are dashed blueline streams on the property with about ½ mile of combined total length. Those streams should flow during rain events and periods of snow melt.


West Virginia is one of the states in the US that has two ownership titles, those being SURFACE RIGHTS and MINERAL RIGHTS. A title search for mineral rights ownership has not been conducted. All rights the owner has will convey with the property. A mineral title search could be conducted by a title attorney at the same time when the surface title search is being conducted.


The property is being sold by the boundary and not by the acre.


Water:  A well would need to be drilled
Sewer:  A private septic system would need to be installed
Electricity:  On site
Telephone:  Available nearby
Internet:  Available nearby
Cellphone Coverage:  Good


Raleigh County has some zoning and subdivision regulations. All prospective buyers should consult the County Government and also the Health Department for regulations regarding zoning, building codes, and installation of water wells and septic systems.


This property is currently in various ages of forestland.
(This is an estimation of current property use as determined from aerial photography. It is made subject to the estimation of property boundaries and any errors in the interpretation of land use type from the aerial photography utilized.)


Deed Information: DB 5037 Pg. 6809
Raleigh County, West Virginia

Acreage: 79 acres +/-
Real Estate Tax ID/Acreage/Taxes:

Raleigh County (41), West Virginia

Marsh Fork District (5)
Tax Map 22 Parcel 38; SUR 47.22 AC PINES BR; Class 3

Trap Hill District (12)
Tax Map 1 Parcel 29.1; 15.5 ACS MARSH FORK; Class 3
Tax Map 1 Parcel 29.2; SUR 16.3 ACS MARSH FORK; Class 3

2019 Real Estate Taxes: $710.65


Raleigh County School District
(A listing of the many Raleigh County schools and colleges is available on the internet.)

Public Elementary Schools:
Coal City Elementary School
Daniels Elementary School
Hollywood Elementary School
Ridgeview Elementary School
Shady Spring Elementary School

Public Middle Schools:
Independence Middle School
Shady Spring Middle School

Public High Schools:
Independence High School
Shady Spring High School