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Awesome 269 acres of exceptional recreation land in the heart of West Virginia’s New River Gorge white water rafting and fishing country. Excellent hunting, hiking and ATV riding opportunities with numerous cabin sites. Electric and phone on site and paved state maintained road access. Only 30 minutes to Beckley and 1 hour to the state capitol of Charleston. Airports and interstates nearby. Priced right to sell this season at $207K ($770/acre).

Recreation is a high income producer for Fayette County and the bordering counties of Nicholas and Greenbrier. White water rafting, New River National Park and many other attractions bring the out of area and out of state population to the area. Along with this, lots of people want to have a vacation spot, recreation home or other tie to the area. Hunting and fishing is very popular, bring numerous camps, cabins, etc. as improvements to the land tracts.


  • Large 268+/- acre parcel surrounded by a nice farm and woodland tracts.
  • Located in popular Fayette County 30 minutes to Beckley.
  • Land legacy of careful wildlife management coupled with outstanding long-term forest stewardship.
  • Boone and Crocket country with exceptional resident wildlife populations.
  • Harvest-ready hardwood timber.
  • Piles of field stone about the old field edges gathered by early mountaineers.
  • A beautiful dashed blue line clear water seasonal stream flows for 1500’.
  • 8 seasonal branches flow during snow melts and rain events.
  • Superior access with ¼ mile of paved state road frontage.
  • Private forest management roads (graveled, ditched with culverts) winds through the property on gentle grades suitable for future cabin or home site driveway.
  • Numerous interior trails provide access to nearly every corner of the property.
  • Renowned locally as one of the premier wildlife sanctuaries in Fayette County.
  • Nearby is the New River, Greenbrier River and 2000 acre Bluestone Lake – perfect for anglers and water recreation enthusiasts.
  • Spectacular long range views approaching 10 miles.
  • High percentage of commercially – operable ground supporting forestry, recreation and potential for numerous future cabin sites.
  • Elevations range from 2282’ to 2621’.
  • Electric and phone on site.
  • Potential conservation value.
  • Low taxes, low population density, little or no light pollution.


Sewell Mountain Forest is a quality oak and yellow poplar-dominated Appalachian timberland investment with a ready-to-harvest timber resource. Situate near the heart of the recreation mecca of the new river and New River Gorge, the property offers rural estate qualities with the upside potential for future cabin or permanent home site development.

This professionally managed timber resource can provide a great deal of flexibility to the next ownership in terms of potential harvest revenue and can be managed to provide cash flow opportunities to offset holding cost and long-term asset appreciation.

The 269 +/- acre tract consists of wooded ridges and high knobs that tower above the hollow and valley floor with elevations approaching 2700’. Spectacular 10 mile long distant views from the upper reaches are reminiscent of the vistas in West Virginia’s northeastern highest mountains.


Recreation is a high income producer for Fayette County and the bordering counties of Nicholas, Summers and Greenbrier, located in southern West Virginia, renowned for its dramatic landscapes, small communities, and outdoor recreation amenities. White water rafting, the 80,000 acre New River National Park, 4,000 acre Babcock State Park, 9,000 acre Beury Mt. Wildlife Management Area, 14,000 acre Boy Scout High Adventure Camp, ACE Adventures OTG and many other attractions bring the out-of- area and out-of-state population to the area. Along with this, many people want to have a vacation spot, recreation home or other tie to the area. Hunting and fishing is very popular as well as ATV adventuring on the Hatfield-McCoy Trail.


Google Coordinates: 38.018213°(N), -80.949697°(W)
Address: RT 11 close to the community of Clifftop, near Danese, WV 25831; No 911 address is assigned to property without structures.
Elevation Range: 2282 ft. to 2621 ft. +/-


The property has various ages of forestland, from areas of fairly recent harvest to full canopy stands. The distinguishing features of the Sewell Mountain Forest timber resource is its unusually high hardwood pre-commercial and pole stocking with a solid basal area per acre. This stocking is well above average for the region. This well managed timber resource can provide a great deal of flexibility to the next ownership in terms of potential harvest revenue and can be managed to provide cash flow opportunities to offset holding cost and long-term asset appreciation.

Timber Inventory: Not established by the owner at this time.

Capital Timber Value has not been assigned by the owner at this time.

Species composition:

The forest’s predominately well-drained upland terrain has led to a resource dominated by hardwood species. Overall, the species composition is highly desirable and favors Appalachian hardwood types, consisting primarily of White Oak/Chestnut Oak, Red Oak Group, Poplar/Cucumber/Basswood, Sugar Maple/Soft Maple and a host of associate species.
Stocking, Stem Quality, and Forest Structure:

Forest-wide, most stands are fully stocked, providing the next ownership with a great deal of flexibility in shaping their own silvicultual legacy. Stem quality forest-wide can be considered excellent with the forest containing an abundant current and future veneer source.

The Sewell Mountain Forest timber component has been professionally managed over the years and generally consists of two age classes managed under even-aged silvicultural guidelines. The predominant timber stand (230 acres) comprises 70% of the forest and contains 2-35 year old stems ranging in size of 2-12” dbh. Part of this stand is comprised of long ago abandoned farm fields, overhead utility right of way, and contour mine sites that have naturally been restocked with pioneer species of poplar, locust and hickory. The rest of the stand has been managed for the past 35 years using regeneration harvests under the guidance of professional foresters. This stand is on the cusp of graduating into higher-value sawtimber diameter classes over the next 30 years.

The second distinct stand of about 40 acres is comprised of 80+ year old trees that represent mature forest stands scattered throughout the boundary.

Sawlog & Veneer Value:

The Red Oak group, White Oak group, Yellow Poplar/Basswood and the Maples, dominate the sawlog and veneer value, collectively representing nearly all of the total sawlog value. The remaining value is spread across a diverse range of species including Hickory, Beech, White Ash, Black Walnut, Hemlock and other associates.

Diameter distribution:
Diameters are well represented across the commercial and pre-commercial spectrum with a notable mature size class, as well as abundant pole size timber and growing stock. Average diameter with all products combined has not been determined.

Some trees are well over 100 years old and classify as “Heritage Trees”. These amazing trees have withstood the test of time and lend an air of grace and permanency to the property.

The forest is healthy and there are no signs of pest infestations of Gypsy Moth. Emerald Ash Borer and the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid is present and the majority of the Ash and Hemlock trees are severely stressed and will die out over the next decade. There have been no forest fires in the recent memory.


Sewell Mountain Forest is renowned locally as a premier wildlife sanctuary in Fayette County.

The mixture of mature forest, abandoned farm fields, old contour mines and regenerated forest, coupled with the abundant water supply from creeks, settling ponds and springs, create the perfect wildlife habitat. The hardwood forest produces tons of acorns, hickory nuts beech nuts and black walnuts. White tail deer, wild turkey, squirrel, raccoon, bobcat, fox and many species of songbirds and raptors make up the resident wildlife population. It is hard to find a property that has a better mix of wildlife as there has been excellent wildlife management for many years. The mile long private access road creates a linear food plot of some 5 acres stocked with blackberry & raspberry bushes, native grasses and browse-ready herbaceous plants.

A number of bald eagles have been spotted up and down the Greenbrier and New Rivers and are a thrill to see with wingspans of 6-7 feet.


There is a small forest pond inside the western portion of the property. The eastern portion of the property has two separate intermittent streams, having a combined distance of almost ¾ mile, that would have flow during times of rainfall and snow melt.


Various minerals have been reserved and conveyed by prior deeds of record and the property is being sold SURFACE ONLY.


The property has been surveyed, and a survey plat was recorded in the Fayette County Land Records. Property boundaries are painted in red paint. The property is being sold by the boundary and not by the acre.


  • Electric – On site
  • Propane – Local Delivered
  • Landline Phone – On site
  • Internet – May be available through phone landline, cell phone hotspot or HughesNet
  • Cable TV – DirectTV or Dish Network
  • Water – There is not public water available and there are no drilled water wells on the property. There are naturally occurring springs that could be developed for a water source or a water well could be drilled.
  • Sewer – Septic, no public sewer system available at this time but a septic system can be installed.
  • Trash Pickup – Curbside
  • Cell phone coverage is excellent in this area.
  • USPS and Overnight Couriers deliver to the area


Year round access to the property is excellent. County Route 11 travels through the property in two separate locations providing frontage on both sides of the road in both locations. The western side of the property has a more permanent access road in place.  The property is just 3 miles from US Route 60 – the famed Midland Trail. Access to US 19 is a 15 minute drive with quick access to I-77 and I-79..

Internal access is considered excellent. A mile of private forest management road (graveled, ditched with culverts) winds through the property on gentle grades suitable as a residential driveway. Several miles of forest trails provide access to nearly all corners for recreational opportunities including nature viewing, hiking, horseback riding and ATV riding, shooting sports and access to nice stands of timber.


Fayette County is subject to some zoning and subdivision regulations. All prospective buyers should consult the County Commission and also the Health Department for details regarding zoning, building codes and installation of septic systems.


The property has various ages of forestland, from areas of fairly recent harvest to full canopy stands.
(This summary is an estimation of current property use as determined from aerial photography. It is made subject to the estimation of property boundaries and any errors in the interpretation of land use type from the aerial photography utilized.)


Deed Information: DB 743 Pg. 671
Fayette County, West Virginia

Acreage: 268.93 acres +/-
Real Estate Tax ID/Acreage/Taxes:

Fayette County (10), West Virginia
New Haven District (1)

Tax Map 73 Parcel 16; SURF 267.14 AC BRACKENS CK 20 BY SURVEY

2017 Real Estate Taxes: $670.73


Fayette County School District
Public Elementary Schools:
Ansted Elementary School
Fayetteville Elementary School

Public Middle Schools:
Ansted Middle School
Collins Middle School

Public High Schools:
Fayetteville High School
Midland Trail High School

West Virginia University and New River Community & Technical College maintain campuses at Beckley, WV


Sewell Mountain Forest is located in one of the most popular outdoor-recreation destination areas in West Virginia — a paradise of natural and cultural amenities found in few other places in the eastern U.S. More than a million visitors toured the region in 2014, according to the National Park Service, climbing rocks, paddling streams, and hiking, biking, and running miles of scenic trail. As a result of unrivaled access to recreation, the Boy Scouts of America established its national Jamboree site here. Winter in the mountains nearby attracts yet another recreational clientele — skiers bound for the slopes at Winterplace, a drive of 40 minutes to the south, and Snowshoe Mountain, a drive of two-and-a-half hours to the northeast.

Nearby is Adventures on the Gorge (, one of the most enduring and popular adventure resorts in the U.S., a pioneer in the whitewater rafting industry that has helped set the stage for high-end economic development in the region.

As a happy result of its burgeoning tourism market, the area also enjoys more than its share of singular shops and restaurants, many of which cluster around Fayetteville, a drive of five minutes from the villa. Other exceptional eateries and retail destinations are located an hour west at Charleston, the state capital, and an hour east at Lewisburg, one of the most livable small towns in the U.S., according to National Geographic. The region is also renowned for great golf, and more than a score of courses are located within a drive of just more than an hour of the villa, including three at The Greenbrier, home of the PGA tour, and Oakhurst Links, the first course built in the U.S.

The region is not only a pleasure to visit; it’s easy to access. As remote as the region may seem, an expressway courses through its center, spanning the gorge by way of the New River Gorge Bridge only two miles away. Interstates 77 and 64 are only a half hour’s drive to the south and I-79 is a half hour’s drive to the north. Amtrak passenger stations on the Chicago-New York route are located a half-hour’s drive south near Beckley and an hour’s drive east and west at Charleston and White Sulphur Springs. Airports are located 40 minutes to the south at Beckley and an hour away at Charleston and Lewisburg.

Town of Fayetteville
Fayetteville’s historic district is both charming and one of the most attractive locations for outfitters shops, boutique shops, and specialty restaurants in West Virginia. More than a dozen antiques shops were operating in the Fayetteville area in summer 2017, and five independent restaurants in the district were offering an outstanding selection of unique cuisine. Fayetteville is central to the travel-destination area as well as the legal center of the Fayette County. Its population in 2014 was estimated at 2,892. Bridgeview Estates is with Fayetteville’s corporate boundary.

City of Oak Hill
Oak Hill is Fayette County’s largest municipality and its economic center. Its population in 2010 was estimated at 7,730. Plateau Medical Center, the largest hospital in the county, is located off the US-19 expressway on Main Street in its downtown. The city has recently increased its investment in recreational and quality-of-life improvements and has acquired land for a new outdoor-adventure park approaching the edge of the New River Gorge.

New River Gorge National River
One of the most exciting destinations for hiking, biking, climbing, and paddling in the eastern U.S., the New River Gorge National River was established by the National Park Service in 1978 and includes more than 72,000 acres in and adjacent to the New River Gorge and the valley of the New River. More than a million visitors annually climb rocks along the rim of the gorge near Fayetteville and paddle its whitewater runs on the New and its tributaries. Countless miles of hiking and biking trails wander the park and climb into the surrounding mountains. The nearby Gauley River National Recreation Area likewise attracts thousands of tourists annually, notably rafters during “Gauley Season” in autumn when the river runs strong.

The Summit: Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve
The Summit Bechtel Reserve is the home of the National Scout Jamboree and the national leadership center for the Boy Scouts of America as well as one of the organization’s five high-adventure bases. More than 50,000 visitors attended the inaugural jamboree in 2013, and more are expected to attend the 10-day event in 2017. The Jamboree had been held at Fort A.P. Hill near Washington, D.C.; however, the organization chose to relocate the site to the New River Gorge region to accommodate the need for access to outdoor-adventure activities.

Babcock State Park
Babcock State Park and its 4,127 acres of rhododendron-lined trails and rippling, rock-strewn streams is one of West Virginia’s most iconic locations. Located 20 miles south of the New River Gorge Bridge, the park is most known for the Glade Creek Grist Mill, a fully functional replica of the original Cooper’s Mill, located nearby. Babcock State Park campground has 52 single-family campsites for tents, trailers or RVs. The campground has 28 sites with electric hookups for trailers and RVs. Visitors can enjoy hiking the many trails through the mountains, canyons and along the river. Outdoor recreation includes hiking, biking, fishing, wildlife viewing and exploring historic sites like the Glad Creek Grist Mill.

Hawks Nest State Park
Nestled in the heart of whitewater rafting country, Hawks Nest State Park is a 270-acre recreational area with a nature museum, aerial tramway, jetboat rides, hiking trails and one of the most challenging whitewater boating waterways in the nation. The park’s clifftop overlook along U.S. Route 60 provides a scenic vista of the New River, some 750 feet below. Its 31-room lodge offers luxurious rooms, dining and spacious conference and meeting facilities. Located near Ansted in Fayette County, about 10 miles north of the New River Gorge Bridge, Hawks Nest is known for its scenic overlook, which provides a bird’s eye view of the rugged New River Gorge National River.

Beury Mountain Wildlife Management Area
Beury Mountain Wildlife Management Area is located on 9,232 acres near Babcock State Park and New River Gorge National River in Fayette County, West Virginia. Beury Mountain’s sloping terrain is covered with mixed hardwoods and oak-hickory second growth woodlands overlooking New River Gorge. Beury Mountain Wildlife Management is comprised of large and broad mountaintop plateaus. Its gently sloping ridges and logging trails make foot travel easy. Wildlife abounds with grouse, deer, turkeys, squirrels and bears. Fishing for brook trout is available in Buffalo Creek. Camping is not allowed at Beury Mountain WMA, but is available at nearby Babcock State Park.

Camp Washington Carver
Camp Washington-Carver is a beautiful retreat listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This Fayette County complex is a group of buildings and facilities that have achieved exceptional importance within the past 50 years as the focus of cultural activities and events significant in West Virginia’s black history. Originally named The Negro 4-H Camp when it was dedicated in 1942, Washington-Carver served from 200 to 1,600 black youth in vocational agriculture, soil conservation, home economics and 4-H standards. Camp Washington-Carver, a Mountain Cultural Arts Center located at Clifftop in Fayette County, West Virginia, programs a summer season of events from music concerts to theater. The facility may also be rented for family reunions, company picnics, weddings and other private activities.


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