Excellent 57+– acre farm with level to gently rolling pastures and cropland

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The Guy Farm at Waiteville is an excellent 57+- acre farm with level to gently rolling pastures and cropland. The farm is almost completely open land with abundant water resources consisting of over 2000’ of blue line stream. There is an older farm house with several buildings available.


Positioned in Monroe County, a highly desirable region of West Virginia, The Guy Farm affords ample opportunity to enjoy all aspects of what West Virginia has to offer. Located on Route 1 (Limestone Hill Road) and the intersection of Route 17 (Waiteville Road), near the sleepy community of Waiteville.

The property has sweeping long range views of the Potts Creek Valley. Elevations run from 2263’ on the western boundary to 2198’ on the eastern boundary where the property adjoins the Limestone Hill Road. The valley is sheltered by two huge mountain ranges; Potts Mountain, at 3500’ in elevation, lies to the East and Peters Mountain at nearly 4000’ elevation lies to the West.

GPS Coordinates are Latitude 37.485369N and Longitude 080.4170592W.

Highway 460 is a 25 minute drive and Blacksburg VA & Virginia Tech is about 45 minute drive. Roanoke VA, Lexington VA and Lewisburg WV are an hour’s drive. For the weekend commuter, Washington, DC and Charlotte NC are approximately a 3.5 hour drive.

The historic frontier town of Paint Bank, Virginia is about 11 miles to the north and boasts a charming B&B. Folks come from all over come to enjoy the cozy home style restaurant and old country store.

Monroe County is a small border county with a population of 14,500 and a density of 31 people per square mile. There are no four lane highways or stoplights and it remains very much an agricultural based economy. Union is the county seat with a population of about 600. This area of Monroe County retains the southern charm and grace more often thought of to be Virginian in flavor.


The Guy Farm is richly blessed with an abundance of water flowing through the property. A blue line stream flows through the farm by the outbuildings house for about 2000’.

There is a well at the house but no information is available regarding the depth or the gallons per minute flow.


The Guy Farm is flat to very gently rolling. 95% open land, with just a few acres in forest along the southeastern property line. Little to no rock is found in the fields and pastures and the soils are good for growing grasses and crops. The land needs to be limed to bring it back into full production.

About 20 acres are in pasture and about 30 acres are in hay or cropland. In years past, much of the farm was planted in or other grain production.

The fencing is good to fair to poor and some of the old fence would need to replaced or rebuilt.


The unspoiled and uncut forest contains about 3 acres of extremely interesting and diverse tree and plant species. Many trees dating back to the 1900’s are interspersed with younger trees of varying age classes. Due to the well balanced mixture, the forest supports many different species of wildlife. White-tail deer, wild turkey, black bear, grey and fox squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, raccoons, opossums, turtles and bobcats are some of the more abundant species living in the forest.

Because the forest has several old growth trees, several species of songbirds make their nest in the cavities and holes found only in older mature timber. Red tail hawks, ravens, jays and buzzards live in harmony with the largest woodpecker, the Pileated. The Pileated woodpecker can be 17” tall and sports a bright red cap and looks like it is wearing a tuxedo.

The stream creates a riparian/forest habitat. These rich hollow is dispersed among the fields, drier flats and ridges creating an enchanting environment in which to experience nature.

The forest overstory is dominated by the oak family; made up of red oak, black oak, scarlet oak, white oak and chestnut oak. The moister sites support a nice mix of red maple, sugar maple, yellow poplar, black walnut and black cherry.

Mountain Laurel, dogwood, sassafras, serviceberry, spicebush, ironwood and wild honeysuckle can be found growing in the shade of the hollow. There is a terrific assortment of teaberry, mayapple, vines, mosses, ferns, lichens, toadstools and conks scattered amongst the forest floor.

The forest is generally healthy and does not show any signs of decline other than the normal expected with a mature to overmature age class distribution. It is suggested to remain attentive and monitor the forest on a yearly basis for Gypsy Moth presence.


*The farm house was built in the early 1900’s and is in need of restoration. It is wood-sided and has a galvanized tin roof. 4 bedrooms, living room, den and kitchen.

*Smokehouse with Root cellar

*A concrete block milking barn

*Two wooden storage sheds

*Nice well-kept wooden storage building


Since the property has not been occupied for many years, there is no current 911 address but the postal mailing address would be Rt.15 Waiteville WV, 24984.

The property consists of approximately 57 acres and has recently been surveyed by Jim Wentz Surveying. the deed can be found in Will Book21, Page 251.

The tax parcel is located in Monroe County, Sweet Springs District, Tax Map 49, parcels 9.

Taxes assessed for 2012 were $294.07.