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This charming older farmhouse on 44 +/- acres with spectacular farm views, with small creek in the back, would make a wonderful home to raise a small growing family or just a getaway home. This property is move-in ready with minor repairs offering 1,200 square feet, 2 bedrooms, one bath, natural gas heat, with several outbuildings and several acres of tillable ground for either a vegetable garden or vineyard or for an orchard. The possibilities are endless. With plenty of water, the year-round creek makes it possible to do whatever you would like to do agriculturally on a smaller scale than the farms that are all around the area.


Google Coordinates: 37.557951°(N), -80.782054°(W)
Address: Greenville Road RT 122, Forest Hill, WV 24935.
Elevation Range: 1752 ft. to 2007 ft. +/-


This property also has an 1,800 sq. ft. store building that could be with minimal effort made into a home. The building was the local hangout and the convenience store of that time, selling the staples to the local population. This building would make a great hunting camp while renting the home that in on the property for the hunter-investor.


What a spectacular place to hunt! Deer and turkey are in abundance. The small creek that runs through the property, the farm fields, and the abundance of hickory, white oak, and red oak create a habitat for the large and small game. Years of progressive wildlife management practices have created an essential wildlife preserve. Early on management goals prompted overall wildlife health, facilitated the harvest of game. The abundance of a year-round water source created by a mountain spring, provides diversity of both plants and animals. The streams and their surrounding aquatic plant life create a water supported community with a wide variety of wildlife. Some of the margin of the creek are fragile low lands, and these low lands support aquatic food web, provide shelter for wildlife, and stabilize the shores of the stream. The plant life associated with the wetlands includes rushes, slugs, cat tails, duck week, and algae. There are many animals that live in the water and around the edge of the creek including raccoons, opossums, blue heron, turtles, salamanders, crayfish, muskrat, bullfrog, eagles, hawks, and red wing birds. The property has a mixture of hardwood species including the white pine. The diverse tree species coupled with edge effect created by the creeks, hollows, ridges, rock out-croppings and forest is a textbook habitat benefiting all of the resident wildlife population. The hardwood forest provides an essential nutrients source, produces tons of hardwood mask, including acorns, hickory nuts, beechnut, and black walnut. Soft mass includes sage horn, black cherry, tulip poplar seeds, maple seeds, autumn olive berries and blackberries.


This property has approximately 30 acres of desirable timber which is composed of some high quality Appalachian hardwoods. This well-maintained timber resource can provide a great deal of flexibility to the next ownership in terms of potential harvest revenue. It can be managed to provide cash flow opportunities to offset holding costs and provide long-term asset protection.


West Virginia is one of the states in the US that has two ownership titles, those being SURFACE RIGHTS and MINERAL RIGHTS. A title search for mineral rights ownership has not been conducted. All rights the owner has will convey with the property. A mineral title search could be conducted by a title attorney at the same time when the surface title search is being conducted.


The farm is comprised of two adjoining tracts of land. Each tract was separately surveyed in the recent past years. Some of the boundaries are evidenced by old fencing. The property is being sold by the boundary and not by the acre.


The farm has two sections of lengthy frontage on Greenville Road RT 122. The driveway to the property connects to the public road within that road frontage.


Summers County currently has no known zoning or subdivision regulations. However, all prospective buyers should consult the County Government and also the Health Department for any changes and details regarding zoning, building codes, and installation of water wells and septic systems.


The property has nearly 4 acres of open area comprising the home grounds and the pasture with the barn. The remaining 40 acres of the property is forestland.
(This is an estimation of current property use as determined from aerial photography. It is made subject to the estimation of property boundaries and any errors in the interpretation of land use type from the aerial photography utilized.)


Deed Information: DB 266 Pg. 1
Summers County, West Virginia
Acreage: 44.216 acres +/- total of the two adjoining tracts

Real Estate Tax ID/Acreage/Taxes:
Summers County (45), West Virginia
Forest Hill District (1)
The 24.466 acres tract is taxed as Tax Map 11 Parcel 63; 24.466 ACRES BRADSHAW RUN; Class 3; Full Year 2019 Taxes $544.84
The 19.77 acres tract has not yet been taxed separately from its parent tract, Tax Map 11 Parcel 61, 95.10 acres; Class 2; Full Year 2019 Taxes for the 95.10 acres is $532.40.


Summers County School District

Public Elementary Schools:
Hinton Area Elementary School
Talcott Elementary School

Public Middle School:
Summers County Middle School

Public High School:
Summers County High School