1,265 Acres Located Just 15 Minutes from Charleston, WV

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Georges Creek Forest is 1265+/- acres located just 15 minutes to Charleston WV, the state capitol. This timberland investment and recreational property is well positioned for future residential development. Presently, the standing timber is estimated to be nearly four million board feet.


  • 1265 contiguous acres
  • Located just 15 minutes from the state capitol in Charleston.
  • Ideal location for development with some utilities available.
  • Charleston Metro Area has a population of approximately 240,000.
  • Mature forest with an estimated footage by Foresters’ inventory of 3.7MMBF of standing timber. 31% Poplar/Cucumber, 44% Oak, 7% Hickory, 6% Maples, 3% Basswood, 3% Ash, 6% Others.
  • Excellent access by state maintained roads and established rights of way.
  • Numerous interior roads and trails provide good access for timber harvesting, hiking, ATVing and horseback riding.
  • Dark skies with little or no night pollution for star and planet gazing.
  • Kanawha River is just a 5 minute drive.
  • Wildlife is abundant with several fur bearing species represented.
  • Winged wildlife include, hawks, owls, ravens, and Neotropical songbirds.
  • Varied topography with numerous seasonal streams interspersed with flats and hillside.
  • Elevations run from 800’ to 1490’.


Kanawha County (20), West Virginia
Malden District (23)
Tax Map 19 Parcel 4; 86 Acres less O/G C/M; DB 1995 Page 501
Tax Map 20 Parcel 7.1; 1130.04 Acres SURF; DB 1995 Page 501
Tax Map 20 Parcel 9.1; 14.95 Acres SURF; DB 2396 Page 635

Total 2015 Full Year Taxes: $3,569.86


The New-Kanawha River is the largest and most important river in West Virginia. Its basin comprises about one-third of all West Virginia, part of western Virginia, and a small part of North Carolina. The lower river below the mouth of Gauley River is called the Kanawha; above the Gauley, it is called the New River. The Kanawha flows to the Ohio.


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